Damp problems are common in most homes today. As such, most homeowners have to deal with a damp issue at some point. Damp proofing refers to the measures taken to stop moisture or damp problems within a house. In most instances, damp problems are initiated by moisture problems. This should be addressed as soon as possible considering that it often results in property damage or some health problems. Ideally, the best way to handle any damp proofing issue is to install some damp proof material on your walls.

Cause of damp

Leaks are the main causes of damp in any wall. Damp results when moisture or water from outside sips into interior surfaces. The first thing to do when you notice dampness around your home is to inspect the gutters and downpipes. Also, inspect the walls for cracks and damaged joint or seals. Presence of these structural inefficiencies is often the main cause of dampness. Damp might be concentrated on a single spot or the entire wall. Thus, in case you notice some signs of dampness in your home, it is advisable to seek damp proofing services and have the problem solved.

Types of damp

Rising damp

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This type of dampness results when the damp proof course (DPC) becomes faulty of bridged. As a result, water rises from the ground into the walls. Localized dampness manifests this problem at the bottom of your ground walls. This mostly happens when there is newly installed flowerbed or patio around near your wall. This can problem can be addressed by removing the soil lying on the wall. If the DPC is indeed faulty, the best thing to do is to have a professional repair it.

Condensation damp

In some instances, dampness results from inside the house and not outside. This often results when warm air mixes with cold air. If the resulting condensate remains in the house for some time, this results in condensation dampness. The best way to address this type of dampness is through proper heating and ventilation.

If you have some dampness issues around your home, the best way to handle it is to enlist the services of a professional. There are many damp proofing experts today, some of whom are not so good. So, it is advisable to pick a professional with a proven record. If possible, get to Atlantis Damp Proofing and Timber Specialists and your damp issues will soon be over.